Texas-Themed Tampon Earrings Are All the Rage


This summer’s hottest accessory? Tampon earrings! MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry sported a pair on air during her show this past Sunday to demonstrate her support for women in Texas. All it takes is one woman on television to wear them and next thing you know, they’ll be everywhere.

“What is Aria wearing on her ears?” you’ll ask yourself during an upcoming episode of Pretty Little Liars. “Oh, they’re tampon earrings!” “Tell us what you’re wearing,” Ryan Seacrest will say to January Jones on the red carpet at the Emmys. “Well, the dress is Rodarte and the jewels are Tampax,” she’ll answer, her cotton earrings swaying in the breeze. And that’s just the beginning — soon we’ll have maxi pad elbow patches (very professorial) and menstrual cup tiny hats! Period fashion for all! Period fashion for everyone!

Apropos: Isn’t Melissa Harris-Perry the absolute best?

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