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Texas Teacher Investigated For Having a Funny Pinterest Page

Illustration for article titled Texas Teacher Investigated For Having a Funny Pinterest Page

Someecards, those wildly popular images that pair vintage illustrations with a sardonic line, still produce content that gets hundreds of thousands of shares on social media. (There’s even one about dad bod!) But one unidentified teacher in San Antonio, TX woman has just learned that not everyone thinks they’re funny. She’s currently being “investigated” by her school district for putting a few on her Pinterest page.


KENS 5 reports that a parent discovered the Pinterest page of her child’s elementary school teacher after doing a “quick search online.” On it, she saw a number of hilarious Someecards that didn’t make her laugh at all.

She said the teacher posted three e-cards. One e-card said: “Do you want to hear a secret? You’re the reason your teachers are alcoholics.” In another e-card, the parent said the teacher posted said: “If teachers were honest with report card comments: Jimmy continues to be an (expletive). I would like him to stop being an (expletive).”


Both uncensored cards are below. The first has been shared over 8,000 times.

Illustration for article titled Texas Teacher Investigated For Having a Funny Pinterest Page

A spokesperson for Harlandale ISD “declined to comment” about their investigation, as they’re “still in the process of getting in contact with the parent who saw the posts.” I hope her punishment doesn’t extend beyond apologizing and being told to lock all her social media profiles down, but you never know what to expect in cases like this until the decision is officially made.

People will use any excuse—however unreasonable—to lose respect for a person in a respectful position, so lock your shit down! Make it private! Or, if you’re one of the strongest among us, don’t post anything at all and save your venting for happy hour, like we humans did before the internet.


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Selena MacIntosh

When I taught, I got called into the office when a parent caught me buying beer and tampons at the grocery store.

I don’t miss teaching.