Sandra Bland, who died mysteriously in a Texas jail cell in July, will have a street named in her honor in the Lone Star state.

The Prairie View local city council agreed to rename a street near Prairie View A&M University ā€œSandra Bland Parkway,ā€ according to Houston Public Media. A park is slated to be named after Bland as well. The HBCU was Blandā€™s alma mater and she had recently relocated to the city to begin a new job at the university.

ā€œActivist Denise Mattox says the street will honor Blandā€™s memory in a community thatā€™s been shocked by her death, ā€˜and maybe because we are remembering every day, with every citation written, every time we turn down this road, weā€™re remembering what can happen if we donā€™t do things correctly.ā€™ā€

Earlier this month, Blandā€™s family announced they were filing a federal lawsuit against Trooper Brian Encinia, the man that pulled Bland over that fateful day in July.

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Image via AP.