Texas Republican Launches and Quickly Folds 'Boats N' Hoes' Super PAC

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A high-level employee at a prominent Texas firm that has provided consulting services to some prominent Republicans in the Lone Star State will be closing his Boats N' Hoes Super PAC this week, after people found out about it. This is a dark day in both the world of boats and the world of hoes. And in the candidacy of gubernatorial candidate and current Attorney General Greg Abbott, who enlisted the services of the firm.

Boats N' Hoes is run by one Shaun Nowacki, comptroller for Blakemore & Associates, a firm that works with more than one prominent Texas Republican. Lt. Governor Abbott has enlisted their assistance during eight campaigns between 1991 and 2004, and they're currently working on the campaign of the current Republican candidate for Lieutenant Governor.

As politicians tend to do, Democrats have seized on this opportunity to point out that Republicans are a bunch of swaggering sexists who casually throw around words like "hoes." I'm more concerned that a grown man with a considerable amount of power in a prominent political consulting firm is naming Political Action Committees after bits from an 6-year-old Will Ferrell/John C. Reilly movie. Was YOUR HOME ON WHORE ISLAND SuperPAC already taken? Was I Wanna Be On You Super PAC busy raising funds for Republican candidates in Arizona?


Once people found out about it and were like, um what? Nowacki made the wise decision to shutter the firm that he made the poor decision of opening.

Boats N' Hoes, we hardly knew thee.

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I guess if it was a REALLY big boat this might make sense. But I just can't see the practicality of having gardening tools on the average boat.