Texas Now Has More Than 1 Million Coronavirus Cases

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Texas has become the first state to surpass one million coronavirus cases. Congrats, I guess?


In celebration, the state’s leaders have given zero indication they intend to implement additional restrictions, the AP reports.

“We were certainly hoping we would be in a bubble and not have to go through the things that larger communities were having to deal with because we were in —quote— rural Texas,” said Cory Edmondson, president and CEO of Peterson Health in Kerrville.

“But that quickly came to a halt, and we realized we’re not immune to this,” said Edmondson, whose hospital in the Texas Hill Country now often has more than 10 COVID-19 patients admitted, double the usual number.


Quite not—Texas recorded more than 10,800 new cases on Tuesday, a new daily record. As of Wednesday, officials reported 6,779 patients in hospitals and more than 19,300 confirmed deaths since the pandemic began.

Despite lack of federal restrictions and radio silence from Governor Greg Abbott, who hasn’t held a press briefing since lifting restrictions on restaurants and gyms in September, some cities and counties are trying their best to temper the virus that’s raging around them:

In El Paso, where more than 1,000 virus patients are hospitalized, local officials have shut down tattoo parlors, hair and nail salons and gyms — all steps that are beyond what Abbott has allowed. The state is fighting the move that Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton says is “oppressing” the border county of about 840,000 people, but local officials won a brief reprieve Wednesday when the Texas Supreme Court refused to make an expedited ruling.

El Paso has also added mobile morgues in anticipation of virus deaths overwhelming hospitals. I hope eating indoors is worth it!

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The Thugnificent Pangaean

COVID 10 and ain’t-wearing-no-mask-ism are only the pebble for an avalanche the Texas GOP have long built.

Texas really stopped supporting rural healthcare in the last downturn in 2008 and never picked up the funding again. And without expanding the ACA, which they can’t do because they have so demonized it, what’s left out there operates on a shoe string. Something like 85 rural hospitals have closed in TX since the ACA was passed.

  • Texas leads the nation in rural hospital closures.
  • 26 Texas rural hospital closures (permanently or temporarily) have occurred in 22 communities since the beginning of 2010. Nationally, more than 70 rural hospitals have closed in the same time frame.
  • Of the 26 Texas closures in the 22 communities impacted, one hospital
  • Texas had 300 rural hospitals in the 1960s and is down to 158 rural hospitals

“Jesus, take the wheel to a larger hospital in an urban area, cuz...” *cough*cough*dies*

*no socialism*libz owned*