Texas GOP Wants Sen. Wendy Davis To (Literally) Pay For Her Filibuster

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Alas, there is no handy Schoolhouse Rock that informs us how much three special sessions held by the Texas legislature cost. Every day that they decided on the sweeping abortion restrictions that eventually passed despite protesters' and civilian floor speakers' best efforts — and, oh yeah, basic rights — will cost taxpayers about $800,000. Throw all three together and you get a cool $2.4 million.

However, since the GOP cares deeply about the (non-women) citizens of Texas, they are proposing that Sen. Wendy Davis throw down for a full day's cost because she had that (their words) "extra-special session." Rep. Giovanni Capriglione is heading up the faction of Republicans who think that Davis should use her D.C.-fundraised money to cover the cost: "One state senator, in an effort to capture national attention, forced this special session."


Davis has already tossed off a reply: "It’s unfortunate that the leadership in power squandered taxpayer dollars pursuing partisan politics before Texas priorities and forced an unnecessary special session." Zing.

'Texas republicans think Wendy Davis should pay for special session' [Yahoo News]

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And how much should we charge the GOP for uselessly voting to repeal Obamacare literally 40 times?