Texas Gave Us The World's Biggest Gingerbread House This Year

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Hell yeah, HOOK 'EM HORNS*...and then maybe hang some ornaments on them, because Texas now holds the record for the biggest gingerbread house in the world.


The house was built by the Texas A&M Traditions Club in Bryan, Texas, who sought to to break the previous Guinness World Record, held by a gingerbread house at the Mall of America. (Let's be real here, isn't the Mall of America pretty much where you expected the previous record holder to be?)

And they nailed it, breaking the old record and getting an official certification from Guinness and everything:

The final measurements? An internal volume of 1,110.1 m³ (39,201.8 ft³), a length of 18.28 m (60 ft), width of 12.8 m (42 ft) and height of 3.07 m (10.1 ft) at its tallest point.

Proceeds from the house even went to a good cause. How's that for some good ol' fashioned Texas holiday spirit?

Visitors were able enter the record-breaking home - which could house a family of five - and meet Santa for a cost of $3 per adult and $2 per child. Proceeds from these ticket sales were then donated to nearby St. Joseph's Children's Hospital to construct a new trauma center, with the house raising more than $150,000.

It took them about a year (A YEAR) to complete this sugary masterpiece. It was made with 7200 eggs, 3000 pounds of sugar and almost 2000 pounds of butter or as I like to call it "typical Sunday breakfast with my family." Their website has time lapse footage of the build, too.

The whole thing clocks in at a whopping 35,823,400 calories. BRB gottta go eat biggest gingerbread house in the world and then run for like 700 miles or something.


You know, I heard Frank Lloyd Wright's biggest unfulfilled dream was that he was never able to build a lavish gingerbread house such as this. Sad. He would have been proud of their accomplishment in Bryan though, I bet.

*Yeah, Aggies, I know that's not your slogan. But that's what happens when a LIFELONG DIEHARD LONGHORNS FAN writes the article about your special record breaking gingerbread house. Hope you're having fun in the SEC, y'all.


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As far as I'm concerned, leading a discussion of the Aggies' achievement with "Hook 'em Horns" is the funniest thing ever. A true gem of a Christmas present. I reckon both sides will be offended although I'm quite delighted by it.