Terry Richardson's Latest Project Is Predictably Gross, Hacky

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  • No one can accuse Terry Richardson of false advertising! And presumably in their new campaign, Equinox got exactly what they paid for from the pervy lensman. Because the shots are gratuitous and have nothing to do with fitness!
  • To wit. Says WWD, "One shot shows a woman wearing only a lace bra and an unbuttoned shirt surrounded by Polaroid close-ups of her fairly bare body parts. In another image, a model is bottoms-up in a black hot rod with her naked legs dangling out the window." Because, duh, it's a gym. [WWD]
  • Agent-free model/modeling free agent Taylor Momsen has presumably discharged her duties to John Galliano with the release of this ad for Parlez Moi D'Amour, the Galliano fragrance Momsen is the face of. Ellen von Unwerth directs, and 17-year-old Momsen spends 1:27 stroking her body with a feather, pretending the feather is a quill pen, and reading over some things she's written out very carefully in longhand on parchment. Presumably this is really important stuff, like poetry, lyrics for her band, the Pretty Reckless, or the number of a lawyer experienced in child emancipation cases. [YouTube]
  • Hilary Swank apparently thought she might put some slogans on some t-shirts and sell 'em, so she took a meeting with an agency that packages quickie celebrity clothing collabs and ended up signing a deal for a whole line of clothing. If you are a fashion designer who needs a job, and if you have some non-zero level of interest in designing for a category that bears the horrible portmanteau name of "athleisure," an agency that packages celeb collabs is, coincidentally, now hiring. [WWD]
  • Ajaline aims to be the GiltGroupe of jewelry, because that's what your inbox needs! [WWD]
  • Lady Gaga shopped for gifts on Christmas Eve, just like us! Only rather than burdening the clerks on the better ladies' apparel floor of a deserted Kauffman's Macy's while hunting for Eileen Fisher sweaters nice enough (but also price-reduced enough) to get for her mum, Gaga went to the Fifth Avenue Bergdorf Goodman, where she bought Hermès and Chanel. "I waited my whole life to be able to afford coming in here," she supposedly told a male companion, before leaving. [P6]
  • Pendleton, who's been all collab-happy lately, is going a step further: Pendleton, the Portland Collection, is described as being for "the bridge market." Which means probably under a grand but still pricey. [WWD]
  • Those fashion charity tie-ins — t-shirts-for-a-cause, "A Percentage Of The Proceeds Go To...", and so on — are they actually a meaningful form of charitable giving? A fashion brand says: "It is part of the company mission to donate to a cause we believe in." A charity says: "Causes tend to come in and out of fashion. Causes deemed important one minute become passé the next." [Fashionista]
  • Plus-size model Kate Dillon has given birth to her first child, a son she and her husband have named Lucas. [People]
  • Experienced Speedo wearer, luxury brand management M.B.A., and the man Marc Jacobs did not marry, Lorenzo Martone, has signed a distribution deal for his new swim wear line. Nycked will now be stocked at Saks Fifth Avenue and Shopbop. "We accept our roles as swimwear novices. We embrace that actually," says Martone. "We have no fear of feedback, change, and the learning curve." [Refinery29]
  • Who or whatever is behind Fuck Yeah Menswear gave an interview to GQ. Naturally, it's hilarious. [GQ]
  • Knicks power forward Amar'e Stoudemire is doing a line with Rachel Roy. Says a brokering agent dude, "Our goal is to build on his style and swagger in an authentic and believable way...The early product range shall consist of men's fragrance, made-to-measure tailored suits, and sportswear." They're going to carry clothes for the 6'8" man and do women's later. And we love that he said "shall." [NYPost]
  • Rachel Zoe has an online pop-up shop. It includes a faux-fur vest, so all's right with the world. [PopSugar]
  • Pioneering model Bevery Johnson is apparently absolutely furious that her ex Mark Burk (who was convicted of making "terrorist" threats against Johson) is getting his own TV show. The Golf Channel docu-reality series, "Pipe Dream," "chronicles his journey to get his life back on track and clear his name," says a rep, who adds that they've given Johnson a chance to tell her side. On the show. [NYPost]
  • Karl Lagerfeld has premiered as the new face of Volkswagen's "Style" line for its "Golf" and "Polo" models. (It involves various luxurious amenities.) Anyway, the ad is somewhere between awesome and disappointing. Obviously it's kind of rad, since it involves the Kaiser mugging and shlepping an immense camera. But it's really short, and the "it's elegant enough to be Parisian!" conceit isn't that funny, really. It must be said.


  • Despite the unquestionable mediocrity of her vanity guest cameos on various albums and the sheer awful desecration of her "Some Velvet Morning" cover, Kate Moss is apparently keen to record a debut rock record. Says some source, 'Kate's fashion days are winding down and she's no longer designing for Topshop, so her dream is to record an urban album.' We thought she was going to be a jam-maker! [Monsters and Critics]
  • Here are the models whom BlackBook thinks are poised to be Big. [BlackBook]
  • Bloomers are for Goya paintings only. [HolyMoly]
  • Helmut Lang has launched a tumblr! It's minimalist, obviously. And kind of a cross between self-referential street style and inspiration board. [WWD]


This ad for Equinox really bothers me. I think Equinox is a great brand. One of the top gyms, instructors, trainers etc...

I don't understand why they would have to resort to shock value in their advertising when they could more effectively be promoting fitness and health. Rather than speaking of the empowerment that fitness can enable, they are instead marginalizing women as sex objects. Bravo.

Hey Equinox, this is how it's done: