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Terrific Visual Representations Of Terrible Abortion Restrictions

Illustration for article titled Terrific Visual Representations Of Terrible Abortion Restrictions

Indiana wins! Go Indiana! Oh wait, that's a chart of the different kinds of abortion restrictions existing in a state — from targeted restrictions on abortion providers (also known as TRAP laws) to parental consent laws to waiting periods. You can play around with the tools over at Remapping Debate, depending on which ones you think are more damaging.


About the effectiveness of those laws in curbing abortions: Prochoicers say that waiting periods, which require two trips to the clinic, are the most damaging, and antichoicers say parental notification consent laws are "most effective for reducing abortion rates." Teen pregnancies for all!

Growing Set Of State Abortion Restrictions, Visualized [Remapping Debate]

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Yet another reason Vermont rocks. Abortions, weed, skiing, health care, maple syrup, mountains, socialist senators, microbreweries, pretty ladies, bears, moose, short drives to Montreal, mountain biking, kayaking, hiking, active arrest warrants for George Bush and Dick Cheney, Ben and Jerry's, and so on...