Terrible, Horrible, Very Bad Person Abandons Cat in 5°F Weather

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Today in what the fuck is wrong with people, someone moving out of a Brooklyn building left their cat behind with two small cans of cat food. In a hallway. In 5 degree weather, amidst the polar vortex. Honestly, WHO does shit like this? Oh and it got worse for kitty before it got better.

Predictably, management evicted the cat and she's just been sitting out in the patio area, freezing, and waiting for her owners to come home.

She is the sweetest cat in the world. I have seriously never encountered such an affectionate animal. Unfortunately, however, I am not allowed to have a pet by conditions of my lease.

Unacceptable. The Craigslist author wrote that she'd already contacted the local Brooklyn animal shelters but they were all full and animal control said they'd euthanize the kitty within 72 hours if she wasn't adopted in that time.

Fortunately, a Jezebel source says that the kitty was adopted today and things are right with the world again. [*wipes forehead*] But if you still feel all that love in your heart, don't hesitate to visit or volunteer at an animal shelter like the ASPCA near you and adopt a new furry friend. There are plenty of cats and dogs who need good, warm homes.

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I'm pretty sure I'd break the terms of my lease if I was in that position, though I recognize that wouldn't be a smart move. WTF is wrong with some people.

Honestly, anyone who just abandons an animal in that way is just a spineless piece of shit. If you (person in article, not person reading this) don't want your pet, have the guts to take it to a shelter. If you feel judged/guilty, well too bad. You are abandoning an animal to most likely be put down, and should face that instead of just anonymously leaving it to freeze to death.