Tell Us Your Awful Prom Stories

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As May ends and June begins, 'tis the season for American teenagers to get all dolled up and attend the final school dance before college. Prom. A magical night…that can turn into a nightmare.


The New York Times reports that girls are dropping cash to wear designers like Galliano and YSL to the prom, which seems a wee bit silly. It's just one short evening of your life! Then again, as Quinn said on Glee, you can get married as many times as you want, but you only have one prom night. Still, for those poor souls who imagine prom night will be the best time they have ever had in their lives, we have news: Sometimes these things do not live up to the hype.

Anna North says that at her prom, "I got in a fight with my best friend and had to sleep under a pool table."

Jenna tells us,

At a a local boys' school's prom, I got set up with a foreign student named while my best friend went with this rugby player from a really prominent local family. His great-great granddad was the first governor of our province, etc. [My date] spent the whole night hitting on me and trying to slip the $100 I'd given him for the ticket back into my purse. The rugby player drank not only his own five drink tickets, but my friend's. Then he fell down on the dance floor and picked a fight in the bathroom line before disappearing altogether. My friend had to scrounge a spare drink ticket to even get a glass of wine with the dinner.

Uh, drink tickets? Wine? They do not let kids do that where I come from. My story is: I got asked to the senior prom when I was a junior. The party itself was fun, but awkward, since I wasn't really with my own my classmates. After the bash, we went to my date's house to chill for a bit. My stomach was churning, so I excused myself… and I pooped in his parents' guest bathroom. And promptly discovered that something was wrong with the toilet and it wouldn't flush. Mortifying. I couldn't say anything… I just left the crap in there, floating. Our group got back in the limo and went to a diner, but I'm sure my date's dad found the present I left behind.

What about you guys? Let's hear your shitty stories. Maybe you didn't get a bucket of blood poured on your head, but did the Most Magical Night Of Your Life end up being horrifying and/or disappointing? Do tell! We'll round up the worst and give you the sympathy/empathy/glory that you truly deserve.



In my junior year of high school, I flew to California for someone else's senior prom because I am so sexy and classy that I couldn't find a single person to date in my entire home state. Said date was super sheltered and Catholic, so I was his first kiss and he was very excited so we had lots and lots of kisses with too much tongue. Prom was at Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, and we left and wandered off to this abandoned building and he proceeded to try to lick my epiglottis. Turns out, we had wandered into Ronald Reagan's grave site and two chaperones had to come get us, yelling the whole time about how we had defiled the ex-president's final resting place.