Tell Us About Your Worst Encounters with Insects

In today’s Pissing Contest, we’re talking about our worst encounters with bugs. (Thanks to reader Chad for the suggestion!) “But that’s a spider in the lede photo,” you’re probably saying. “Spiders aren’t insects!” CAN IT, you annoying nerd! We’re talking about horrifying experiences with creepy-crawlies and spiders—for our purposes—certainly count!

Here are some good (read: horrifying) bug stories from the Jezebel staff.


“I got a bee in my swimsuit when I was in 3rd grade and my mom ripped my swimsuit off me in front of EVERYONE.”



“I have a vivid memory of my mom getting into some fireants while picking blackberries and just stripping naked right there in the dirt road.”


“I went to bermuda with my mom and my sister and there was a thunderstorm and palmetto bugs kept crawling out of the walls. That was real trauma.”


Joanna, again:

“I also got dengue fever from a mosquito, which is not a bad bug but dengue fever is a bad outcome.”


Counterpoint: Mosquitos are the worst bug.


“I found a 4-inch house centipede that had been terrorizing me for weeks after I heard it shuffling behind a framed photo at night and when I killed it, my own blood smeared across the wall.”


Also Emma:

“We found a chained-up room literally full of “halloween crabs” while in a disgusting hostel in Costa Rica and when we cracked open the door, we heard them all move in a wave away from the light. It sounded like a rainstick.”


Yes, we’re counting crabs as “sea bugs.”

Now quit “bugging” me with your silence! It’s time to talk about our worst experiences with insects!


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Image via Arachnophobia/Buena Vista Pictures.

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