Tell Us About Your Workday Toilet Time

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Recently, Gawker Media has moved into a new office space, a change that was long overdue. While our update in scenery comes with a bevy of positive changes, there’s one thing that we’re all having a hard time getting used to: multi-stall bathrooms.


The social politics of a multi-stall bathroom—especially in the workplace where you’re doomed to repeatedly run into your toilet mates by the water cooler, at your desk, or in the elevator—are tricky and confusing, which is why we’re turning to you with these very important polls about manners and your workday toilet time.


Thank you for answering honestly.

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Here is the number #1 (no pun intended) rule of etiquette for multi-stall bathrooms: If you are done with your business and the other door that was shut when you got there is still shut, someone is holding onto their poop for dear life, praying that you will hurry up and leave. Please move along. Hopefully someone will do the same for you some day.