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As the last few weeks have demonstrated, good journalism requires good sources. The election of Donald Trump, despite scandal after scandal, made it seem as if true and accurate reporting about public figures had lost its power to make a difference. But the tumult and chaos of the first month of Trump’s presidency have shown that there’s still life in the practitioners of our hated profession.


We at Gizmodo Media Group have launched what we are calling the Special Projects Desk to pursue investigative projects across all of our sites—Deadspin, Fusion, Jezebel, Gizmodo, Jalopnik, Kotaku, the Root, and Lifehacker. You can read about our team and how to contact us here.

We want to make sure that anyone with access to newsworthy information—particularly about the conduct of the new presidential administration—knows how to reach us. Accordingly, we’ve built a web site,, with instructions on various ways to reach out to our reporters securely. Our tips line, 917-999-6143, is accessible via voice, text, Signal, WhatsApp, Line, and Allo. We also have a Secure Drop portal that permits sources to anonymously send us documents and tips. Or we can be reached via email at

Through targeted ads on Facebook, we’re reaching out to users who list federal agencies as their employers, and we are exploring ways to advertise in public spaces near federal buildings in Washington, D.C. If you work in the federal bureaucracy and want to bear witness, anonymously or otherwise, to the way the Trump Administration is asserting its authority, we are here to listen. And if you know someone who works for the government and may have information to share, please direct them to

You can follow the Special Projects Desk on Twitter at @specialprojects (our DMs are open), and you can follow us on Facebook here.

Our ears are open to all manner of stories about the uses and abuses of power, be it political, economic, or cultural. So let us know if you’ve got one.