When teenagers have nothing else to do, they typically do one of two things: 1) Have sex 2) Summon demons. It’s a short list.

Teenagers on the internet (meaning every teenager) are doing the latter as part of a new craze known as the Charlie Charlie Challenge. Adults are doing it, too.

The game—although let’s face it, this is real—involves the use of “paper” and “pencils,” so some of us will never be able to do it, sadly. The backstory and rules, per this Scary website (via Cosmo):

Charlie Charlie: The Pencil Game is an old Mexican tradition. It is a supernatural ritual that is used to contact a ghost. It is sometimes called Six Pencils, Charlie Charlie Are You There? or The Charlie Charlie Challenge.

Some people believe that you are contacting the spirit of a young boy who killed himself. Others believe this ritual is dangerous and that you are, in actual fact, contacting a demon.


Okay, cool, I guess this is the kids’ version of the Bloody Mary mirror challenge that was popular back in my day. This, however, sounds like something I’d actively avoid given my fear of fearful things.

Watch clips of people being freaked out, both literally and sarcastically, by the Charlie Charlie challenge in the video above.


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