Still got fond memories of your early days on the dial-up Internet? Well, today's teenagers have been online since roughly the time their motor skills kicked in, and nothing will make you feel older than watching them watch a 1997 intro to the Information Superhighway.

In their latest "Teens React" video (via LaughingSquid), the Fine Brothers rounded up a bunch of #teens and showed them "The Kid's Guide to the Internet." (Is it bad that their outfits look just as unfamiliar to me as the clothes worn by the 90s kids?) Sample reactions: "I used to have AOL, and I thought that was old"; "My three-year-old cousin has an iPad"; "The Internet is self-explanatory."

One kid scoffs, "Well apparently that went out of business" in re: Netscape Navigator. FYI my first interaction with the Internet was visiting via Netscape Navigator. DON'T CRAP ON MY MEMORIES, KID.

They don't even know what a modem is.