Teens Across the Country Can See the R-rated Eighth Grade for Free Tonight

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Eighth Grade is one of the rare depictions of being a teenager in all its cringe-worthy glory. Acne isn’t covered up, “likes” and “uuuuhs” run wild, and 90% of the cast in the film is glued to their smartphones at all times trying out Snapchat filters. It’s a movie that should definitely be seen by the audience it depicts, though many teens might not have a chance given the movie’s surprising R-rating.


But to make it a bit easier for actual eighth graders to catch Eighth Grade, A24, the movie’s distributor is showing free screenings for teenagers tonight across the country with no rating enforced. The locations include a single theater in each state, listed in full on the movie’s site, and tickets are available for pick-up one hour before showtime. (First come, first serve.)

The movie, in my opinion, is absolutely eighth grader-appropriate, though it does include some F-bombs, some depictions of light violence, and sexual content. Let’s just say a panicked Google search for “how to give a blowjob” understandably makes a strong cameo. You might be watching this film through your fingers, but in the best way possible.

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I must have been the only 8th grader who was more concerned about the stats of his D&D character than knowing how to give a proper blowjob. Granted, I’m a straight male, but you know...whatever is the straight male equivalent. How to give a proper tongue lashing, maybe?