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Teenage Girl Asks Amy Poehler for Advice, Gets Awesome Answer

Ask Amy is the new Smart Girls series that allows young girls to write in life questions to be answered by our Lord and Savior Amy Poehler. In this edition, a 14-year-old girl asks what she should do about her father's refusal to let her wear make-up. Amy answers the young woman's question with the same seriousness in which it was asked, resulting in some incredible thoughtful and heartwarming advice.


[Smart Girls at the Party]

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Personal Pet Peeve: anytime someone talks about "needing" makeup, or not needing it. Nobody needs makeup. We don't die without it. However, it can be very useful and improve your appearance a great deal, or just plain be fun.

Yeah, it was a pretty good answer in general, and I can see why you wouldn't want an impressionable 14-year-old to feel that she 'has' to wear it, but it's still kinda a silly statement.