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Teenage Batman Told To Stop Catching Sex Offenders

Illustration for article titled Teenage Batman Told To Stop Catching Sex Offenders

A group of British Columbia teenagers lured pedophiles to public locations, then appeared dressed as superheroes like Batman and the Flash and publicly shamed them. They also posted their encounters on YouTube. However, Canadian police have warned them that their unconventional crime-fighting tactics might put other kids at risk. Says RCMP Cpl. Mat. Van Laer,

Now you've aroused that male or that individual to a point where he's feeling that he might be meeting a child for a sexual encounter. Now if that person decides that he is going to go to a different school, or to a different meeting area or runs into another child, he may decide to act on that child instead.


The kids have retired their superhero identities and pulled their videos off YouTube. Still, British Columbia residents might want to keep an eye out for mysterious billionaire playboys and mild-mannered reporters in the years to come.

Teens In Superhero Garb Confront Online Predators [CBC]


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Isn't that reasoning verging on victim-blaming? If they were children and chatted up this guy, agreeing to meet, but declined anything further, wouldn't those predators still be walking around "aroused"?

Also, who the heck could keep a boner through a public shaming like that? They're not gropers, who thrive on getting a reaction from others.