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This message goes out to all the #teens out there, both #cool and non: Prom isn't worth risking deportation. It's just not! The only cool proms are the ones that happen in movies and end with a line dance and those aren't even all that cool because you know that after graduation the Sexy New Boyfriend and the Bookish, Quirky, But Conventionally Attractive girl are going to date for like 6 months and then break up after she goes to college and realizes that shit's really fucked up for bookish, quirky girls in high school and she can do much better.


Yuba City, California #teen Saira Munoz did not follow this jewel of prom advice. So determined to attend prom was she that she turned to a lucrative but illegal means of raising money: by selling her fellow students pot-laced brownies in a bake sale.

Illegality aside, selling pot brownies to willing pot consumers would be a great way to raise a lot of money quickly, like a supercharged lemonade stand. But Munoz enlisted a fellow student to actually sell the brownies on her behalf, and it's not clear that whoever was doing the actual selling told people who were buying Munoz's baked (hahahaha "baked") goods that the brownies they were eating were going to give them the kind of body high that once led me to think watching Apocalypse Now while hanging my head backward over the seat of my couch was a great way to spend an evening (I got very sick). That's right: Saira Munoz enlisted the help of a fellow student to baked goods to people who maybe didn't know they were about to eat pot brownies.


Everything went to shit when one of the students who ate the brownies got sick and had to go to the hospital. And it double went to shit when authorities discovered that the student Munoz had enlisted to help her was a minor, and hiring a minor to sell drugs is a felony. And it triple dog went to shit when they further discovered that Munoz is in the US on a temporary permission granted to her in 2000, that being charged with a felony could get her deported in addition to her jail and probation sentence.

All over a prom dress. SMH.

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