Teen Who Made School Hot List Arrested

A male teenager has been charged with misdemeanor disorderly content for making a list ranking 50 female students, "using racial slurs and ratings of body parts."

The student in Oak Park, Illinois has also been separated from the high school he attended, although the school won't say whether he's been suspended or expelled. By now, school disciplinary proceedings are de rigueur in the long tradition of high school dudes making obnoxious lists, but an arrest is rare, and the particular charges aren't intuitive. Last year, authorities in Australia said they would pursue cyberstalking charges against the creator of a 100 Biggest Sluts list.


This fine young gentleman also appears to have gone out of his way to disseminate his work. In addition to posting the list on Facebook, "The teen is accused of handing out hard copies of the list Jan. 14 at various lunch periods and posting a copy online, according to police." Hard copy! And you thought print was dead to teens.

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