Teen Who Faked Pregnancy Talks To Today

The Today Show brought in Gaby Rodriguez —the girl who faked a pregnancy for six and a half months for the world's most creative school project — and her mother, boyfriend, and high school principal for interview this morning.


Very few people were in on Gaby's secret: she first told her mother, who initially told her she was crazy, yet she charged on. Gaby's principal was also in on it from the start, but told Today that he was very "out of the loop" and didn't hear any rumors about Gaby. Gaby and her boyfriend Jeorge had to deal with a lot of rumors and chatter behind their back. Jeorge was dragged right into the thick of it — as everyone assumed he was the father — and his parents were furious.

Gaby goes into detail about the school assembly where she revealed to her entire school that the pregnancy was a farce. She was terrified as to how the students would react — but when she took off the fake belly, they applauded — and the support from them only overflowed from there. "You're gonna get an A, you know that."

Teen Fakes Pregnancy For School Project



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