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Teen Strangles Girlfriend, Tosses Her Into North Carolina River

Illustration for article titled Teen Strangles Girlfriend, Tosses Her Into North Carolina River

Today in people are evil: a North Carolina teen confessed to tossing his girlfriend off a bridge with cinder blocks attached to her feet.

Je’Michael Malloy, 17, is charged with second-degree murder in connection with the death of Danielle Locklear, 15, who was found floating in North Carolina’s South River on April 3. She was last seen on March 11, leaving her grandfather’s house in Hope Mills, NC.


Police say the two teens got into an argument on March 11 and Malloy strangled Locklear before stuffing a sock in her mouth, tying cinder blocks to her feet and throwing her off a local bridge. Authorities also believe Malloy’s friend Dominic Lock, 18, helped pitch Locklear into the river. He is expected to be charged with conspiracy, according to ABC News 11.

The saddest part seems to be that few in the community expected Locklear to die this way and perhaps missed the signs of domestic violence in her relationship with Malloy, if there were any.

“If you’d asked me six weeks ago about any of these kids, they weren’t on anybody’s radar,” said Frank Till, Cumberland Co. School Superintendent.


Image via ABC News.

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Patcher Pup

Poor girl. Hopefully this little shit serves plenty of time.

Please people, please ignore the repulsive trolls that will post on this article. One's already here. Don't give them the attention they crave. I'm tired of seeing these assholes wind up at the top of the discussions.