Teen 'Slender Man' Stabbing Suspect Committed to Mental Institution

Image via AP
Image via AP

Anissa Weier, one of the two teenage ‘Slender Man’ trial suspects charged with stabbing classmate Payton Leutner back in 2014 in the name of the mythical online creature, will now be committed to mental supervision by the state.


Weier, who is now 16 but 12 at the time of the stabbing, pleaded guilty in August to attempted second-degree homicide as a party to a crime with use of a deadly weapon. Weier will spend at least three years in a mental health facility before she can ask to be discharged, after which doctors will have to decide if she can be released. She will then be kept under state supervision until she’s 37.

“I want everyone to know I deeply regret everything that happened that day,” Weier said at her hearing on Thursday. “I know that nothing I say is going to make this right and nothing I say is going to fix what is broke. I am never going to let this happen again.”

In October Morgan Geyser, the other teen charged in the stabbing, was committed to a state mental hospital. She had reached a plea deal before the trial, pleading guilty in exchange for prosecutors not contesting that Geyser is “not criminally liable by reason of mental disease or defect.” Her institution sentence was set to 40 years.

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I looked it up, apparently any kid older than TEN who is on trial for murder or attempted murder gets tried as an adult in Wisconsin. Let that shit sink in for a minute.