Teen Impersonates Policeman, Accidentally Attempts to Pull Over a Cop

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Ah, the folly of youth. Who among us did not, at some point, break curfew, hit third base in the school bathroom, or get arrested for impersonating a police officer while pulling over a car that turned out to contain an actual cop?


We could be generous and assume that Joshua Robert Rosene, 18, likely did not consider the consequences when he, on August 30, “[pretended] to be a police officer [and] tried to stop another driver.” We could also say that what he did was some real dumb—not to mention entitled—shit.

From the Washington Post:

“Prince William County police said that the real officer saw a blue Pontiac G6 following him around with lights flashing...

The officer thought the vehicle behind him looked suspicious, so rather than pulling over for the flashing lights, he called police.”

Rosene was caught before long and has been “charged with impersonating a police officer.”

It was an audacious stunt, highlighting the fact that white boys from Manassas, Virginia are not raised to fear the police or assume they will do anything other than protect them. Rosene’s stunt was asinine; you wonder if he knows just how lucky he is.

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Am I the only white person afraid of cops? Every time one is behind me, I get the mud butt. This kid was well, he was just fuckin dumb.