Teen Girls Feel The Need For Speed • Hot Balloon Treatment Reduces Period Woes

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• In a recent survey of teenage drivers, 48% of girls admitted to routinely driving 10 miles or more over the speed limit, while only 36% of boys said the same. Furthermore, only 23% said teens make good drivers.

The new crop of teen girls drivers are also more willing to admit that they're driving "aggressively" than other generations. • 32-year-old Shelia Radziewicz doesn't have arms or kneecaps, but that has not stopped her from becoming a brown belt in taekwondo and next month she plans to go for the black. Radziewicz has been training in marital arts for three years and is able to break boards with her kicks and use nunchucks. • Some parents are idiots, according to a new study out of Canada. Many parents need to be convinced to have their daughters vaccinated for cervical cancer, even when financial and healthcare barriers are removed. Parents report being worried about the safety of the HPV vaccine as the number one reason for putting off the shots. • Sunda Croonquist, a half-black-half-Swedish comedian who married into a Jewish family has won a legal battle with her mother-in-law. Her husband's mother had sued Croonquist for making one too many jokes at her expense, but the court threw out the case, saying her jokes fell under protected speech. • Gymnastics may be good for bones, even if it is bad for body-image. A recent study found that practicing long-term rhythmic gymnastics can improve bone density and geometry in young girls, a benefit that doctors say could last far beyond adolescence. • Plagued by heavy periods? Doctors have a new way of dealing with this problem, and it involves a hot balloon to the womb. In this procedure, doctors insert a balloon into your uterus and fill it with hot liquid, which destroys the bloody gunk around it. They found that this reduces bleeding in most women. • Bita Ghaedi is an Iranian dissident living in the UK. Ghaedi fled her country to escape a forced marriage. She also claims she was in danger because she had a secret lover. Now she is facing deportation, but Ghaedi says if she is sent back, she faces the threat of an "honor killing." There is also the possibility that she will be immediately arrested for her role in anti-government protests. • Yesterday Obama interviewed federal judge Diane Wood for a an opening on the Supreme Court. Wood has long been considered a front-runner for the position. Obama is expected to announce his nominee any day now. • Five female students were able to subdue a 45-year-old male attacker on their Maine college campus, police said. Horst Wolk reportedly stabbed another student, and has been charged with assault and attempted murder. The five brave women brought Wolk to the ground before taking him directly to police. • "I didn't want him to marry the ugly girl; I wanted him to marry the pretty one, and I'm much prettier," said Continental CEO Jeffery Smisek on Monday in attempts to describe his feelings about a merger with United Airlines. He has since apologized for his unkind comments, and says he just got "carried away." • A senior Russian official has announced that there has been, and most likely will be, no ban placed on U.S. families trying to adopt from Russia. Foreign ministry officials had previously stated that they were barring Americans from adopting, however, Andrei A. Fursenko says that there has been no legal suspension. He also points out that the foreign ministry does not have the authority to stop overseas adoptions. • A new study proves that opposite attract — at least aurally. Women with high-pitched voices often like men with deep voices, said a researcher from Scotland. Naturally, this is somehow linked to evolution, and possibly even voting. •

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Wait, since when is endometrial ablation new? I remember it being talked about (and watching it be performed during my observation) back in 2003-2004. Maybe it's just new to the UK? Also, I think it was not a balloon back then, but electric wires or something. But I think even before then they used to do it with good old-fashioned scalpels. (Maybe?)

Anyway I feel like it might be a good idea to clarify this idea as not an option if you may want to have children... the description above was a little misleading for me, even though I know what the procedure is!