Teen Girl Fined For Ill-Conceived April Fool's Prank

Illustration for article titled Teen Girl Fined For Ill-Conceived April Fools Prank

A 16-year-old girl from Bloomington, Ill. texted her friend and cousin to say she'd been robbed and shot in the foot. Being the good people that they are, they called the police. When the cops checked in on the girl and realized she was a prankster, they weren't amused — they wrote her a ticket for $150. Also: Isn't being the victim of a robbery and/or shooting exactly the sort of information you wouldn't text? Color me old, but some things still merit picking up the phone. [AP]

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Sorcia MacNasty

Uh, seriously? It's fucking April Fool's Day. Her friends are clearly mentally stunted in some way and the cops really needed to write that ticket? Bish, plz. It's not her fault her frenemies were being stupid and called the cops. Ugh.