Teen Girl Appears Middle-Aged, Wants Facelift

Today 13-year-old British girl Zara Hartshorn spoke to GMA about growing up with a genetic condition that makes her look middle-aged. While most teens worry about pimples she said, "I'm worried about surgery... and when's the bullying going to stop."

Zara's mother, Tracey, and two of her seven siblings also suffer from lipodystrophy, which causes the fatty tissue under the skin to deteriorate while the skin continues to grow. In another interview on Today, Tracey said she feels guilty for passing on the condition to her daughter. "I don't think there is a way to protect her. She's always going to have somebody that will be willing to make fun, ridicule her."


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Rare Ailment Makes Girl, 13, Look Like She's 50 [MSNBC]

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Why they hell would you have children if you knew you'd pass this on to them?? I'm using an egg donor just to avoid passing scoliosis on to my kids; it's worth it not to sentence your kid to such misery.