Teen Gets Botox For Her Glee Debut

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This sounds like a Cheerios beauty routine, but sadly it's real: 18-year-old Filipino singer Charice Pempengco's preparing to appear on Glee by getting Botox and a skin-tightening procedure "to look fresh on camera" and make her "naturally round face" narrower.

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I identified with this feeling immediately, and my heart hurt for her.

I too am of the Asian persuasion and have, well, a very large round face. Even at my slenderest, I've always been and always will be Ol' Moon Face. Put bluntly, from the neck up I look a lot heavier than I actually turn out to be when viewed from head to toe. I can't stand having my picture taken and have perfected the slight pivot, head-down-eyes-up, and try to avoid open-mouthed smiles because they give me a double chin.

I spent a lot of my adolescent years thinking that I was fat and therefore - obviously! Thanks, popular culture!! - ugly. How irony that I didn't realise, although it's painfully obvious now from the photographic evidence, that at my most eating disordered, my contrasting slenderness made my face (hell, my entire head) seem even more ginormous.

It's only lately that I've realised that a lot of my teenage self-loathing over my appearance was tied up in general discomfort with my ethnicity.