On December 24, 2016, a 16-year-old named Reagan tweeted something no teen had ever tweeted before (probably): she had decorated an entire bible for her boyfriend, using excellent teen handwriting and brightly colored illustrations. The tweet begat faves; the faves begat retweets. The faves and retweets begat a bunch of BULLSHIT HATERS.

Many people responded, some tweeting “GUYS I’M SO PROUD OF MY BESTFRIEND,” others, “sorry to be a party pooper, but Revelations 22:18,” still others, “hi! This is Kaitlyn with 11Alive News in Atlanta. Are you and your boyfriend available for an interview today? Thank you!” As always, BuzzFeed caught wind of the fact that a Teen had Gone Viral and pursued their strict editorial policy of Making That Teen Go Even More Viral. And what happens when people go viral? They are met with Twitter eggs (and French people?) saying mean shit to them for no reason!

More strong evidence that Twitter should be left to the teens.