Tearful Lolo Jones Is 'Heartbroken' Over New York Times Hit Job

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American runner Lolo Jones came in at a disappointing fourth place during yesterday's 100m Hurdles Final at the Summer Olympic Games in London. While it's a saddening situation for any athlete to miss out on claiming a medal, the loss was an especially bitter pill for Jones, who, in addition to Olympic glory, also lost the chance to make the New York Times, who recently ran a piece claiming that her popularity was due entirely to her "exotic looks" and highly publicized virginity rather than her skills as an athlete, eat their words.


In an interview with Today from earlier this morning, Jones was asked to respond to the article and, already emotional from her loss, she immediately choked up:

"They ripped me to shreds and I just thought that was crazy because I work six days a week...for four years for a twelve-second race. And the fact that they just tore me apart — it was just heartbreaking... They didn't even do research. They called me the Anna Kournikova of track. I am the American record holder at indoors. I have two world indoor titles and just because I don't boast about these things [doesn't mean] I should be ripped apart by the media...I just think it's a shame that I have to deal with so much backlash when I'm already so brokenhearted as it is."

While Jones has certainly garnered her fair share of attention for, yes, her good looks and sexual choices, questioning her qualifications to be in the Olympics should have ended when she, y'know, qualified for the Olympics. After all, it wasn't her face or intact hymen that ran those races for her, nor was it her face and hymen that caused her to come in fourth at yesterday's 100m Hurdles.

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The Anna Kournikova hit job is not cool. Major pot/kettle moment here.

She was ranked as high as 9th in the world. She won two Grand Slam titles and another two WTA Championships with Martina Hingis. She kept running into players who were at their superhuman best in her singles career. This is like deriding someone who always comes in 2nd to Usain Bolt.