Teachers To Protest Outside Ladymag Tower

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Retired New York City schoolteachers will picket the Hearst Tower tomorrow demanding the job of magazine group chairwoman Cathie Black, who will be NYC schools chancellor despite having no education experience. They point out that they've read a magazine.


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I believe finding chancellors and administrators who worked outside the unionized system, who can bring corperate experience and accountability, and a new approach to failing systems isn't neccisarily a bad thing.

Schools are failing, we're really deep in the list for education among developed nations. Finding somebody on the inside to bring up isn't the obvious solution if you are looking to change and improve.

Maybe retired and active teachers are right to be worried? Look at DC. Hundreds were fired last year, 700 on probation could be fired this year, and test scores improving? Maybe we should aim to piss off the retirees and teachers union a bit more.