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Teaching is a tough job. Kids are jerks, parents are jerks, there's little room for advancement, and in most parts of the country, teachers don't get paid enough. So you can't blame them for being short every once in awhile!

An errant snap was not the problem for an Evangel Christian Academy Life Sciences teacher who last week called a 12-year-old girl a "sassy slut" in front of her classmates recently. The girl, whose identity local news media is (understandably) not disclosing, told her mother she was humiliated. While the school investigates what happened, they've placed the teacher on administrative leave. Paid administrative leave.

The girl's mother is not happy with this punishment for the teacher, saying she didn't think it was fair that she was still collecting a salary after calling a kid a slut (a sassy slut). But a representative from the local teacher's union says that this is standard procedure for when the actions of a school employee are under investigation.

"In public education, we have a policy that is actually an investigation policy, that once a teacher or school employee is accused, and it could be anything from corporal punishment...hitting pushing or shoving that kind of thing, if it happened or it is perceived to happen, what typically happens is the employee is put on paid administrative leave pending an investigation," said [local union President Jackie] Landsdale.


What would a teacher have to do to suffer the indignity of unpaid leave? Have the whole class sing a song about a particular student's sassy sluttiness? Reenact that crucifixion masturbation scene in sex ed? Send a dumb tweet?

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