The Georgia group Tea Party Patriots, which claims to have 1,000 national chapters (but probably doesn't) is telling its members to remind teachers that they're required by law to teach a Constitution lesson on September 17 to commemorate the day the document was signed. But apparently the lessons already used by every school in the country aren't good enough. The group wants teachers to use material from National Center for Constitutional Studies, which pushes the idea that the Constitution is a divinely-inspired document.

According to the Asssociated Press:

The center's founder, W. Cleon Skousen, once called Jamestown's original settlers communists, wrote end-of-days prophecy and suggested Russians stole Sputnik from the United States. In 1987, one of his books was criticized for suggesting American slave children were freer than white non-slaves.

Great idea! History class is definitely more exciting when you throw in a bunch of lies.

Image via Rich Koele/Shutterstock.