Today on the unending circus that is The View, the ladies did their best to hug it out with Amy Kremer, director of the Tea Party Express. That's "express" because they're serving up white people, fast 'n fresh!

Alas, not even conservative foot-in-mouth sufferer Elisabeth Hasselbeck could give this woman some love, pointedly bringing up the presence of racist signs and catcalls at many Tea Party events. To which Kremer responded, "This is not a racist movement!" Actually, you know what Kremer thinks is just as offensive as racism? Calling these patriots "teabaggers." Allow her to explain:

Yes, this woman is actually, earnestly equating the term "teabagger" with "n*****." They're both disgraceful, and we should be ashamed of ourselves for being so vulgar. Speaking of, her pearl necklace is all over the place.