Taylor Swift Won't Sign a Prenup Because They're 'Totally Unromantic'

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Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are going to get married! (So they’re gonna be forever - and they’re not gonna go down in flames!) But they will not be signing a prenup! (There may be a blank space [on that legal document] baby, but don’t expect Taylor to write her name!)

A source tells The Hollywood Life:

Taylor hates the idea of having a prenup when she gets married. She thinks it’s so unromantic — it’s like giving up before you even start. When she gets married, she wants it to be forever, no prenup required.


But her parents and management team aren’t happy at all:

Her dad and her whole money team are going to want her to sign one, of course. But Taylor just thinks the whole topic is so distasteful — they’ll be fighting her on it.

Taylor is worth “over $200 million,” and Calvin is worth “about half that.”

*pen click*


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I do not believe for one second that Tay Tay isn’t into signing a pre-nup. That girl did not get to where she is without being smart and real business savvy (and yes I know she has good advisers, but she’s obviously good at this shit too).

Also it’s probably not even real that she’s getting married, but EITHER WAY, a prenup will happen when she does.