Taylor Swift Will Start Drinking, And The Aging Process Will Begin

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2010 will be a big one for Taylor Swift. She's releasing a new album later in the year, and in December she'll turn 21. At which point she'll take her very first sip of alcohol ever!


One can't comfortably down those 21 birthday shots in front of parents, however — so Taylor's also moving out of her parents' house and into her own place in Nashville. "It's not giant," she says. "I didn't want to have MaqQuest to get to the kitchen." So we're talking, what, 10,000-square-feet? (I'm seriously asking; I no longer understand what qualifies as "big" versus "giant" versus "Candy Spelling.")

Anyhow: It is to these monumental events — big birthday, big house, big album — that Vogue is pegging its May feature on Miss Swift. An edited version of the piece is on the website, and forgive me for not making the effort to go grab a print copy so that I could read the unabridged version — but there's not a whole lot to say about Taylor at this specific moment that hasn't been said before. And if there were, I sincerely doubt Vogue would be the one saying it. Though the writer does remind us that Swift likes to eat at Cracker Barrel. Which, for Vogue is a far more effective stab at relatability than telling us about someone who hasn't seen her infants for two months but still washes her own Balenciaga jeans.

The Dazzler [Vogue]

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Who uses MapQuest anymore? I like to Google Map my way around the house. MapQuest will take you to the bathroom closet via the hot water heater when you are trying to get to the backyard. That Swift, what a rookie.