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Taylor Swift Sings of a Crush Too Beautiful to Talk to in Latest Single 'Gorgeous'

Screenshot: Youtube
Screenshot: Youtube

At midnight on Friday, Taylor Swift released her latest single, “Gorgeous,” the first few seconds of which she had teased on Thursday.


On first listen, the track doesn’t seem like much of a departure for Swift. It’s less vengeful than “Look What You Made Me Do” and gentler than “…Ready For It?,” but tells a story Swift loves returning to: her sweeping idealization of a man she doesn’t seem to like but is doomed to sing of anyway. In this particular iteration, the suitor is so cool it makes Taylor hate him so much. Usually the guy she depicts is bad for her (as in unavailable, vain, or mean), sometimes she’s too much for him, but a lot of Swift’s most successful singles adhere to this formula, so maybe this song will be successful too?

You can listen to “Gorgeous” below; Swift’s new album comes out on November 10.

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She still sounds like a teenager singing about boys.

Like, you’re 27. Stop being swoony cuz some cute guy might touch your hand “in a darkened room.”

Gasp! But that could lead to necking!