Taylor Swift Rebranding as Cat, But Which One?

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Obviously I can’t wait for Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cats the musical the movie (directed by Tom Hooper), especially because it was announced in freakin’ 2016. Now more details are finally being revealed, in a still pretty opaque manner.


So far, we know the cast is set to include Jennifer Hudson, Ian McKellen, James Corden, and (DUN dun DUN) Taylor Swift, and it’s the latter pop star we will be focusing on for the duration of the this tiny blog. Lloyd Webber told Vulture on Tuesday that the 28-year-old still hasn’t exactly been cast—or maybe he’s just being coy?

“She’s going to play one or other of the ‘Macavity’ girls,” he said, adding he was “not sure yet” which one, Bombalurina or Demeter. People points out that “Macavity the Mystery Cat” is within Swift’s vocal range.

The proverbial cat? Not all the way out of the bag quite yet.

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Urgh. The live shows in Australia were just...awful. Delta Goodrem as Grizabella? The Rum Tum Tugger as a rapper? It was just...a bit of a mess.

I don’t super hate Taylor Swift as Demeter, but please don’t make her Bombalurina, she doesn’t have the sexiness for it.