Taylor Swift Is the Queen of Instagram

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The women of pop music command the attention of more Instagram users than their male counterparts. According to the photo-sharing platform, Taylor Swift has more followers than any other user with nearly 50 million followers. Sharing the top five with Swift: Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé, Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande.


Swift’s recipe for Instagram success is a carefully curated blend of cat pictures, girls squads and concert photos. Reuters reports that Swift’s most-liked photos include one with boyfriend Calvin Harris and one of her standing in front of the block of flowers Kanye West gifted Swift. Gomez and Grande usually share “behind the scenes” looks, whereas Kardashian continues to build her brand as a living selfie. Instagram is one of the few platforms that Beyoncé still uses, rarely sharing family and vacation photos.

The most popular man on Instagram is Justin Bieber. He has more than 40 million followers, that’s around four million fewer than Grande. In comparison, President Obama has 4.7 million followers.


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I don’t get Instagram. Maybe I’ve finally become An Old, but what purpose does it serve? I post all my pictures on Twitter. Why do I need two picture platforms?