Taylor Swift Is Still Richer Than You and Literally Everyone Else

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Once again, Taylor Swift has ranked richer than God, Kanye West, The Eagles, Dr. Phil, and you, according to Forbes’ annual list of the 100 highest paid celebrities.

Swift raked in $185 million in 2019, which she largely earned off her enormous Reputation tour, but also from endorsement deals with Apple, AT&T and Diet Coke. Per Forbes:

The pop singer has topped the Celebrity 100 before—in 2016, she captured the No. 1 spot with $170 million, courtesy of The 1989 World Tour. Touring continues to play a crucial role in Swift’s road to the top. The Reputation Stadium Tour surpassed her own 1989 World Tour as the highest-grossing in the U.S., raking in $266.1 million domestically, according to Billboard Boxscore. The 53-stadium trek ultimately reached 36 cities, seven countries and four continents, closing with $345 million overall.


Swift earned $15 million more than the runner-up, Kylie Jenner, which truthfully I did not see coming. Who knew selling lip kits would make you richer than freaking Lionel Messi? The beauty industrial complex wins again!


Jimmy Kimmel was in full dad mode as he interviewed Donald Glover in a lion suit ahead of the release of The Lion King. Among the topics covered were Glover’s stint as an RA in college, whether he made a lot of money writing for 30 Rock, how much candy is the right amount of candy for children, and my personal favorite, whether there would be any real animals at the Lion King premiere. (A real curveball; Glover is not sure.)

Glover took it all in stride. Tell me, would you have sex with him wearing that suit? Be honest.

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Dear Ms. Swift,

It has come to our attention that you are wearing what appears to be shiny pantyhose. We, the survivors of the 1980's, do hereby demand remunerance for our scalded corneas.

Paying off my mortgage would be a nice start.

However, if you start crimping your hair& wearing it in a sideways frizzy ponytail, we can’t save you.