Taylor Swift Is Sorry

Taylor Swift finally apologized for the ignorant and insensitive remarks she made on Twitter earlier this week. While I’m sure Minaj appreciates the post, I have a feeling she was expecting something a little more substantial.

Speak on this,” she asked of Swift earlier this week—referencing her point that black women are so rarely rewarded for their influence on popular culture. But speaking up on social issues isn’t really part of Swift’s brand strategy, especially if she can’t use her own song lyrics to do so.

I don’t remember a 1989 track about showing more respect for women of color, so this apology tweet might be where her part in the conversation comes to a end.


UPDATE: Nicki accepts.

UPDATE 2: Nicki officially declares this feud to be over.


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adultosaur married anna on the astral plane

to every person saying ‘it’s a good apology but she shouldn’t have done something in the first place’

....that’s like the scenario for any situation where an apology is warranted.....