Taylor Swift Is a Genie and Also Probably the Tooth Fairy

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Taylor Swift, pixie with an unusually conspicuous alter-ego who travels the world granting lavish wishes of birthday burritos, reportedly bought a pregnant and homeless fan a house. Via the Swift Life app, a fan named Stephanie wrote that, at a concert in Manchester, her mother made Taylor aware of Stephanie’s predicament. Why didn’t she bring this up earlier, Taylor allegedly asked:

“Stephanie, You’ve been in my life a long time and you’ve never asked me for anything. You could have reached out and I would have helped you. But you didn’t.”


Then she bought Stephanie a home.

Image for article titled Taylor Swift Is a Genie and Also Probably the Tooth Fairy
Image for article titled Taylor Swift Is a Genie and Also Probably the Tooth Fairy

What has Katy Perry ever done for you??? NOTHING.

Page Six has confirmed that missing person Artis Leon “Coolio” Ivey Jr. is still alive. He was allegedly found at a swingers club on March 19th in Las Vegas, Nevada. He is 54 years of age and appears to be in good health. He is also an alleged dick.

This information comes from adult film actress Lena Kelly, who claims that Coolio invited her to accompany him to a Naughty by Nature concert and then un-invited her as soon as he found out about her trans status:

“He literally, without even saying a word, went over to his boys, had a little huddle and one of his boys comes back to me and goes, ‘Coolio is not trying to have that image. He says you got to go.’

“I don’t want things to turn physical,” Kelly, who told us she’s in her “mid-20s,” recalled Coolio’s friend warning her.


Coolio is “not trying to have that image.” He has COOL in his name.

Coolio’s manager denies the incident and says that Kelly is trying to “demean his character.”


This is Remy Ma with Hi-Chews.


Elon Musk, wizard who struck awe in the hearts of Californians yesterday with a UFO scare, is also sparking dating rumors(!!) of a reunion with Amber Heard. TMZ witnessed a kiss yesterday, and although a source confirms the authenticity of the photograph, the person tells Us Weekly they’re not back together.


  • Pastor Carl Lentz, Justin Bieber’s overtly hip advisor, is now also counseling Justin and Selena’s relationship... [People]
  • ...because Selena was reportedly “furious” over Justin’s decision to contact Hailey Baldwin and make amends...[TMZ]
  • ...which is fine with Hailey Baldwin, who’s hugging Shawn Mendes now. [TMZ]
  • TMZ spinning gold on the fly, umm...wanna run for office, Patrick Schwarzenegger? Yes! Definitely! [TMZ]
  • Anna Camp imagines her children with now-husband Skylar Astin, whom she met while filming Pitch Perfect, watching them in the movie. [Hello Giggles]


pibber can't swim

I’m very interested in how this house buying transaction happened. I imagine Taylor putting on a nice pencil skirt and a blazer with bad shoulder pads and showing this couple houses (probably with breakfast nooks. I imagine she’s into breakfast nooks. Who isn’t?) until they find the perfect one. Then Taylor’s manager starts calling her going “hello where are you we need to rehearse!” And Taylor pouts because she picked up a new client and has a showing at 4 and she already baked the cookies for the open house and it makes me giggle. I think I want a show about a famous singer who’s an undercover realtor by day, showing people houses and buying one for them, and a pop star by night. Like Hannah Montana for adults.