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Taylor Swift Has a Stage Malfunction, Parties with Lorde and Uzo Aduba

It was another big night for Taylor Swift and her bedazzled two-pieces as the 1989 tour rolled into Washington, D.C., bringing with it special guest appearances by Lorde, after performances in New Jersey with some models that I can’t tell apart, and Orange Is the New Black’s Uzo Aduba.


Lord(e) & Taylor performed a duet of “Royals.”


Then the stage broke and now Taylor Swift haunts Nationals Park like the Phantom of the Opera.

Over the weekend: Blah blah blah “squad.” Blah blah blah “Bad Blood.” Blah blah bl—hey! It’s Uzo Aduba!


This has been your latest update on Taylor Swift and her famous friends.

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fighting polish, white sox rememberer

a friend of mine lives by Nats Park, and she was complaining that there were no spots available for her car because of the concert.

I said, “oh, are you saying there’s no Blank Space where you can park?” and she got SO MAD AT ME