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Sex. Celebrity. Politics. With Teeth

Taylor Swift Fans Probably Won't Sit On Her Jury

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Taylor Swift’s trial against alleged butt-groper David Mueller began today, and Swift herself is expected to testify. But fans hoping to be picked to sit on the jury will probably be disappointed—a questionnaire circulated among potential jurors specifically seeks to weed out Swift devotees.

The questionnaire asks whether prospects have:

  • Listened to Taylor on the radio.
  • Watched a Taylor video.
  • Read a blog about her.
  • Bought a Taylor Swift album.
  • “Intentionally listened to Taylor Swift through an online service.”
  • Gone to a Taylor Swift concert.

Wow, what red-blooded American will be left at the end of this? Is it even possible to avoid reading a T. Swift blog, or listening to her on the radio? And what about the Ryan Adams covers, do those count? And how thorough will the vetting be—seems like these are all pretty easy to lie about, not that I am suggesting anyone do that.


In the end, this jury is going to be filled with men, which does not strike me as good or fair.


Anna Faris may be splitting with Chris Pratt, but that will not delay the release of her forthcoming memoir, due out in October. What’s less clear is whether the loving forward written by Pratt will still be included.


According to Page Six, the memoir is also dedicated to Pratt, and “doles out advice to her readers—including relationship advice.”

While Faris is no less qualified to offer relationship advice now than she was yesterday—eight years of marriage in Hollywood is a successful run!—I truly hope they cut the forward.


Yes, the joint statement they released last night made the end of their relationship sound loving and mutual, but imagine the forward of your memoir being forever anchored to your ex. Ugh. Ugh! Divorce sounds terrible, and while I am sure having gobs of money is a soothing balm to any emotional wounds, the over-the-top symbolic weight of having to cut your former partner from your book is pretty hellacious.

It is for this reason that I will never write a book. Too dangerous!

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