Taylor Swift Doesn't Want You To Think She Is Sexy

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Taylor Swift says, "I don't want people to think of me as sexy." And it's not just a career decision. "It's just a life decision. I like wearing pretty dresses and I like trying out new styles but I don't feel comfortable taking my clothes off. I wouldn't wear tiny amounts of clothing in my real life so I don't think it's necessary to wear that stuff in photo-shoots." She's also not into drinking: "I worry I might come off in a way that I can't control." And! She continues to draw inspiration from her relationships: "I always write songs about my life. And if you're horrible to me I'm going to write a song about you and you are not going to like it. That's how I operate." Well, damn. [Telegraph]

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Rihanna on Khloe and Lamar: "Yall make me wanna BARF... or atleast find a man!!! 2 cute for words." [Twitter, via E!]

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Rebecca Black's video for "Friday" has almost 100 million views. The mind reels. Picture a million dollar house, and then picture 100 of them. 100 million. One hundred million. Fun fun fun fun. [Pop Dirt]

  • Whee! New music from No Doubt is coming! Gwen Stefani says, "There's a lot of upbeat songs. It's generally a pretty happy record." [Digital Spy]
  • And now, a rap message from Nick Cannon to his unborn twins: "Gotta spit these Pearls to my unborns/Poems ‘til they get into this world/Show ‘em how to fit into this world/Knowing unless you're gonna make a difference you ain't s**t in this world/‘Scuse my language/Dang, guess I'm just anxious, man, to take away the suffering pain, hatred and anguish/This place is dangerous." [Contact Music]
  • Today in Feel Shitty About Your Finances News: The Situation is tired of his Bentley, and was seen test-driving a Ferrari. [TMZ]
  • Um, Sean Penn, Scarlett Johannson and Owen Wilson all went jogging together. If I were driving by this group I would most certainly wreck the car. [Just Jared]
  • Steve Carell's last episode of The Office will be 50 minutes long. That's what she said? [UPI]
  • Charlie Sheen has a little posse of nuthuggers, including James Lipton, Darryl Strawberry, Chuck Zito and Simon "Dirt Nasty" Rex. [Page Six]
  • Robert Pattinson and Kirsten Stewart! Smoking! Frolicking! Trying out a motorcycle! Stealing kisses! [PopSugar]
  • If you like Christina Hendricks' boobs, you'll love the image at the link. [Celebslam]
  • FYI: Holly Madison will not be attending Hugh Hefner's wedding. [People]
  • 33-year-old Liv Tyler is dating photographer Theo Wenner, the 24-year-old son of Rolling Stone's Jann Wenner. [Contact Music]
  • As if you were not already seriously irritated by him: Donald Trump has beef with Bill Cosby now. [TMZ]
  • Alec Baldwin in a Woody Allen film shot in Rome? Yes please! [Deadline New York]
  • Alyson Hannigan will indeed be in the American Pie sequel, American Reunion. Cue the "this one time at band camp" jokes. [Deadline New York]
  • Will American Idol block Pia Toscano from releasing an album? Probably! At least until the show is over. Lord knows what kind of contracts those poor kids sign to be on the show. The producers own them. [Pop Eater]
  • "We're best friends. We're not together. We're still separated. And you know, there [are] horrible articles right now… She went away to St. Bart's with Coco and her best friend and Josh from the show, and I know about all of this. But these tabloids make it like there's some kind of scandal going on. But there's no scandal." — David Arquette on Courteney Cox. [People]
  • "We thought of a few [baby] names, ironically, when we first met… On our first date [I was planning out our life], and she was into it, and we still play around with those names, but now that it's real … when the babies come out, we'll see if they keep the names we made up on our first date." — Nick Cannon on Mariah Carey. [PopDirt]
  • "I'm really enjoying being single and concentrating on work right now. That and watching the Food Network and listening to Justin Bieber. People honestly think I'm kidding about Bieber. My mom is so confused. She's like, ‘Evan, really?' I'm like, ‘Go see Never Say Never. You'll understand.'" — Evan Rachel Wood [New York Magazine]
  • "I don't eat raw fruits and vegetables after 4pm and follow a low-fat diet with very little dairy." — Elizabeth Hurley. [Contact Music]



What the hell is wrong with eating fruits & veg after 4 PM?! I need more information, Elizabeth Hurley.