Taylor Swift Clowns Taylor Swift in Her 'Look What You Made Me Do' Video

As expected, Taylor Swift is going hard with her good-girl-gone-bad slash Madonna-phase narrative in the video for her redemption song “Look What You Made Me Do,” which premiered during Sunday night’s MTV VMAs, hosted by Katy Perry.


Watch above as Swift attempts to position herself as a self-aware victim who plays the victim while playing the victim. There’s a lot of predictable dark imagery: she’s undead, she’s in a cemetery, she’s swimming in a tub of jewels, she’s making angry faces, occupying a throne and blowing shit up. Believe it!

In the end, Swift makes fun of all the versions of herself that certain people find annoying, almost as she reads all the comments. “I would very much like to be excluded from this narrative,” says one of the Swifts. Long story short: She’s bad now.



Holy shit am I tired of hearing the phrase “playing the victim” used about a woman who was literally just in a courtroom getting justice for being sexually assaulted this month.