Taylor Swift Accepts the Taylor Swift Award

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To accept an award for being the best Taylor Swift all time, Taylor Swift wore a velvet Monique Lhullier dress and a black choker that looks like something I got out of the gum ball machine in the seventh grade. So she was perfect, basically.

On Tuesday evening at the BMI awards, Swift was given a very beautiful statue in honor of her achievements in music. The only other musician to receive an award from BMI named after them was Michael Jackson in 1990. Here’s my #hottake: good. This afternoon I walked down the street listening to “Wildest Dreams” and imagined making out with my crush. Thanks, Taylor.

In a clip she posted of her speech, Swift admits, “If they had chosen someone else to give the Taylor Swift Award to, I’d be kind of bummed about it.” Lol. You.


Here she is hugging Carole King, the wildest dream of all:

BMI vice president Barbara Cane said of the award decision, “We felt it appropriate to award Taylor with an honor that is as unique and special as she is.”

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Not loving the hair, Tay Tay. Not. Loving. The Hair.