Taylor Swift Accepts 96-Year-Old Veteran Into Her Squad

Members of Taylor Swift’s squad are, for the most part, women aged 18 to 40 who are either singers, actors, or models. But in what could have been an effort to seem less ageist, Swift has made her club a little more inclusive by allowing a 96-year-old veteran named Cyrus Porter to join.


Writes Us Weekly:

Swift’s decision to surprise Porter, who has been to several of her concerts with his grandchildren, came after he expressed his love for her in an interview with his local news station, KFVS and the video went viral.

Porter, who is currently battling cancer, was given a private show by the singer (his family was there to cheer her on, too) and in return gave her a tour of his World War II memorabilia. (This looks considerably more interesting than going on a tour of Age of Adaline and Green Lantern memorabilia at the Lively-Reynoldses.)

What a cute thing. Congrats, Cyrus! Have fun in Rhode Island this summer!


[Us Weekly]

More fuel was poured on the rumors that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have broken up this weekend, as the two of them were photographed doing activities typically reserved for unmarried people: Kim was seen at a party without wearing her wedding ring, and Kanye was seen at the movies...alone.


Here’s Kim’s ringless ring finger:

Image via Snapchat/screengrab.
Image via Snapchat/screengrab.

And here’s Kanye wandering into a movie theater with a new haircut (there’s pink in there now) and oversized clothes:

Image via Splash News.
Image via Splash News.

Are you convinced? I’m not.

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Just so you know:

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I love going to movies alone. It’s like one of my favorite things. Is this something weird? My sister was teasing me about it this weekend, which I just didn’t get. Is it weird that I am happy Kanye and I share this together? Yes, but I embrace that.