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Taylor Armstrong Throws A Denial-Filled Tantrum

Last night's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, 90210 featured an all-out brawl between something like eight different women that was terribly embarrassing for all involved. Brandi decided to host a party in hopes of winning over the Housewives cast and made the mistake of inviting both Camille Grammar and Taylor Armstrong. There's been tension between those two ever since Camille openly spoke about Taylor being physically abused by her husband. Apparently Taylor doesn't like it when that is mentioned.


We know this because when Camille's friend began to plead with Taylor to bury the hatchet, her Crazy Lady Index™ went off the charts. She immediately deteriorated into crying and screaming things like "You have no idea what she has done to me!" while flailing her limbs until the women literally had to hold her down. Adrienne covered her mouth in hopes that she could prevent her from saying "something she might regret." How did it come to this? Well, the festivities were filled with wine and belly dancing. Taylor's crumbling marriage and her decision to keep parts of it secret has taken its toll on the woman, and last night, it showed.

Earlier in the episode, Kyle's family was reintroduced to her Mother-In-Law's new face. Even though Adrienne's hubby, Paul, did the plastic surgery on Estella, everyone was concerned about how the work would turn out. But in true Beverly Hills style, Estella's face came out totally awesome; she looks just as young as Kyle does.Even better: Estella can't turn her head from left to right, just like the women she's made fun of. It's plastic surgery karma!

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Was there a RHoA post after the RiDICKulous episode? Because I kinda want to know what the general Jezzie consensus would be on having a foot long penis swizzling one's cocktail.